JPS Environmental

JPS Environmental is part of the JPS Group, a group of companies that also offer tool and access equipment hire. This allows us to be extremely competitive in our pricing as we don't need to subcontract access requirements.

What we do?

​​​​​​​JPS Environmental are a certified pest control centre in London, offering consultations, advice, and pest removal services. We work with residential and commercial clients across London and beyond, supporting homes, restaurants, hotels and offices in keeping their premises pest-free.

Our dedicated team of experts is specially trained to deal with pests in the most humane and least invasive way possible, allowing you to carry on living and work with peace of mind.

Pest control in London often requires a unique approach - JPS have the expertise to handle vermin in a discreet, humane, and professional manner.

Why choose us?

JPS not only manage the eradication and removal of your pest problem, we also provide advice and support in preventing pests returning to your premises.

We provide unique services, such as heat-treatments for bed bugs, saving time and loss of income, and our access equipment means we can handle bird control without the additional delays and costs associated with the need for equipment hire.

Our expertise spans the most common types of pests - from foxes, rats, mice, and squirells to fleas, cockroaches, ants and bed bugs - allowing us to provide a full-service pest control solution.

Why choose us