London pest control budget slashed by 21% since 2010

Posted in Pest Control on Oct 11, 2015

A recent survey done by the British Pest Control Association found that all councils have had their pest control budgets drastically cut in recent years, with London being one the hardest hit places.

“Our national survey results demonstrate that Government austerity measures and local authority cuts continue to have adverse effects on public health pest control services. We found that many services are under threat from future cutbacks, and in most cases these cuts have already been felt in terms of pest control staffing and services – all of which may have a knock-on effect on response times, pest infestations and control. Until recently the overwhelming majority of local authorities provided pest control services in-house as part of their core public health responsibilities. Our survey shows that just over 80% are still providing some form of pest control service either in-house or, more commonly, contracted out. However, nearly 20% of local authorities have decided to discontinue their services due to the current austerity measures and changes to local authority financial models…”


Read the full National Survey here.

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