Natural Bird Control - Meet Rufus

Posted in Bird Control on Jun 02, 2016


Rufus is a Harris Hawk whose talents have been keeping pigeons away from Wimbledon for the past 15 years.

Pigeons are deterred from nesting in the famous tennis grounds by the presence of a predator, using the nature of the predator and prey relationship to humanely discourage nesting and remove the unwanted birds from the area. This type of Falconry is an environmentally friend approach to bird control.

During the Wimbledon tennis championships, Rufus flies daily patrols to keep the grounds clear. He also patrols Westminster Abbey and other famous sites, providing a natural, biological deterrent to pest birds.

Rufus is a well-known sight at Wimbledon, and has his own twitter and facebook pages. He even has his own Wimbledon security photocard pass with the job title of "Bird Scarer".

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