Summertime Pests - Combating Wasps

Posted in Pest Control, Wasps and Bees on Jul 19, 2016

Summertime... It's all about Pimms, BBQs, and that perennial summer pest, the wasp.


Unsurprisingly, we get a lot of calls to deal with wasp nests at this time of year, as well as plenty of calls from people who tried to handle the problem themselves but realised that wasp control is a job for the professionals.

Why Wasps Need Professional Treatment

Although there are plenty of websites touting "DIY" wasp control solutions, if you have a nest on your property, getting professional help is the safest and most effective way to remove the pest.


Professionals have the right protective clothing - a single sting can be dangerous to someone with a wasp allergy, but even someone with no allergies can have a severe reaction if they get stung repeatedly. Don't risk it when a professional has all the protective equipment needed to tackle your wasps safely. Disturbed wasps can be extremely aggressive and will defend their nests, putting you at risk - especially if you're not 100% sure what to do.

Effective insecticides

Insecticide sprays and powders may be reasonably effective, but with wasp removal you want more than "reasonable", you want certainty. The risk of using these products is that you can't tell how well they've worked - many aren't powerful enough to be effective at eradicating all the wasps in a nest. Professional-grade products are only available to, you guessed it, professionals.

We've got the experience and equipment needed to use stronger insecticides that aren't available to the public - ones that we know work. Of course, even the DIY-level insecticides contain harsh chemicals, and you certainly don't want to breathe them in by accident.


If your wasp nest is in an area that's difficult to access (in your loft, high up in a tree, in a tight space, etc.), we've got the experience and equipment to handle it. We've seen it all before and we're trained to work in difficult spaces. What would you do if things went awry in a tight space?

How NOT to Remove a Wasp Nest

As we've said, using a professional to remove a wasp nest is the safest and most effective approach. We would always recommend this course of action. But, if for any reason you are considering tackling the problem yourself, do not, under any circumstances, try these options that have been suggested in various online sources:


Trying to drown a nest is ineffective - you won't manage to kill all of the wasps, and will have angry and aggressive survivors to deal with. Depending on where the nest is, you may also risk property damage if you're spraying a lot of water around.


Do not set fire to a nest to try and get rid of it. Although wasp nests are papery and look like they'll burn well (which they will), you won't actually manage to kill all of the wasps before they escape the nest, and the ones that stay alive will again become extremely angry and aggressive. There is also the risk that the fire will spread and cause injury or property damage.

Physical destruction

The suggestion we have seen shared online, to destroy a wasp nest with a bat or stick is an absolutely terrible idea. Please never try this. You'll put yourself in close proximity to the nest (which could cause the wasps to attack before you even start, if they feel threatened), and there are always more wasps in a nest than you expect. You'll be at serious risk of being surrounded by a swarm of thousands of angry wasps intent on protecting their nest, which would result in serious injury, or worse.

When in doubt, call a professional!

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